A fire that glows and warms instead of burning me;

if only a lifetime lasted forever 

god I’d never want you to stop



Does forever last for eternity and beyond horizons

or does it end like how the skyline meets the ocean


Seasons change,

flowers grow back;

so why not take the chance to bloom and glow?


Riding the clouds of the greys and blue skies, I hope you’ll see through it all.


It’s getting harder to breathe around you with all your toxic fumes, when what you used to be was a breath of fresh air.


The moon may shine the brightest in the night sky but I sometimes forget that the sun is a star and stars will eventually burn out too


I don’t want to suffocate you with my love but how do I hold back the tides when your gravity is so strong?


Four Becomes Five

So maybe at first you both deny the possible future the both of you can create. You can’t help but to think that this is the first time you’ve been this happy but sure that it will never be love. You try your best to stifle your feelings and agree to take things slow, but too sure enough feelings were caught and feelings were told.

At two you realised you can’t live without them, the air you breathe in their absence is a cold and icy stale. Some days he’s there, some days he is not. You wonder if he feels the same way towards you. You can’t help but to have second thoughts.

At three, with every lingering stare, with every brush of your lips against his, you swore those three words almost slipped. You realised; you’re almost convinced, he is the one for you. With every bittersweet ‘I like you’ he whispers, a flower dies in the icy cold whilst another flower grows in the springs of your heart. How can you grow gardens when flowers can’t grow in the winter? With your chest tightening around your lungs, you managed to breathe an ‘I like you too’.

At four you wonder how long he is going to take. How could a four-letter word drive you so insane? You patiently wait, a constant battle between yourself through night and day.

At five, he pulls you close into his embrace, he finally said it. Those words slipped. Your heart stops, your mind race. You can’t help but to replay it over again just in case it was a mistake. You attempt to catch a hold of your breath but he was too quick to steal it away. Like the final piece of a puzzle, our hearts and souls merged and tessellate. Cracks in my heart bloomed and reaped with flowers. Finally, a garden of my own that no one can ever take.


Soft Pulses

Listening closely to the drums of your heartbeat

I drown all my senses

in hope to hear if the soul sings what the mind can’t speak



Maybe I always think in poetry and rhymes because of the way the words are structured in a loop

A loop that confirms completion and maybe it is my way of expressing how I feel when I am with you