Everglow and Symphonies

He is like the moon; part of him is always hidden away. But with that enchanting face of his, he lights up anyone’s day.

Like the moon, there’s always the dark side. A cave he sometimes get lured in by his fears and insecurities. His mind – stuck between fairytales and reality; a whirlwind of hopes and dreams.

Like the moon, the night is his world. His soul ablaze with passion, and his heart iridescent. Silent and although at peace, his thoughts empowers like meteors surging through his bloodstream.

Like the moon, he is never in a constant phase. Some days he is distant, but he will be there watching over you. Some days he appears incomplete, but his moonlight will still softly glow to ensure your peak.
And some days, his glow so full he illuminates anyone’s heart. And under his blinding beams there I will be, enthralled and glistening under his blue moonlight. I inhale with every breath, worshipping every second spent in my lungs; his secret is safe with me.

Like the moon, he radiates. But only the intrigued would refuse the telecope view, to venture and explore his space. And study the very stories tucked under every crater, to leave more than just a flag claiming their place.

Like the moon, regardless in any form, he is still so beautiful in every way. Creating symphonies in the night sky, calm and serene. He makes my dreams spiral, he is the clear moon shining.

Like the moon, he needs the sun to shine. Never in sync and only in hope to be the one – to collide fully and to be his only sun.


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