Happiness; the Secret. 

I think I have finally learnt that I don’t need to rely on anyone for my happiness. I haven’t been this genuinely happy for a really long time and I think I can safely say that this happiness is finally going to be a constant. It is really important not to depend your happiness on anyone else but yourself. Friends are becoming a huge part of my life and I think that we should always embrace and treasure every single one of them. Of course, not forgetting family as well. I think the true meaning of happiness is having the power to let go of the demons that haunt you when you’re alone at 3am – to really just live and accept things the way things are or were. Optimism is especially the key to a happy individual. Accepting people’s flaws and individuality is something difficult to achieve sometimes but I feel it helps to be a better individual. Most importantly, not to mention that accepting your own flaws and constantly improving yourself is something I feel is really vital. Embrace your own differences instead of trying to fit in. Do things for yourself and stop trying to constantly please others. There’s nothing wrong with making others happy. But it is dangerous when you’re sabotaging your happiness for theirs. Be happy in your own skin. Love yourself. And for once, I am loving myself and I am genuinely happy.


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