Hello again.

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Hello again.

It’s been a long time since I have written in here. It’s year 2016 now, and so much have changed ever since my last post in December 2012.

I have just completed another phase of my life; poly. In a few months time, I’ll be flying back to UK for university. Funny how time flies past so fast, so fast you can barely catch your breath. It has been a rough but good 3 years.

My main purpose for writing in this blog again is so to pen down good and bad times so they can be reviewed and kept for as long as this blog lives. You only live once, as the saying goes. So why not keep as memories as you can?☺

Yesterday, Jerry and I made our first “overseas” trip to JB! Yes we have been together for almost four years but have not gone abroad together. We like to start small unlike other couples that travel abroad even though they’ve been together for only a mere few months?? Despite having about 3 months left in Singapore we hope our next trip could be either Hong Kong/Taiwan☻☻

We were super excited for the mini trip so we set off to Newton early in the morning at 7am and reached there at approximately 8am! We then queued at a designated bus stop for the Causeway Link 2 bus that would bring us straight to the Causeway Checkpoint.

It wasn’t long before we reached the Causeway Checkpoint. There was absolutely no queue and we got onto another bus towards the Johor Checkpoint within just 10 minutes!smiley-gen013There was absolutely no aircon on the bus and it was quite unique experience.

We went through another passport check and we finally got to City Square Mall!

Sadly it was only 8:45am at that time and the mall was not open yet☹️ So Jerry did a quick check online to source for any good dim sums nearby and there was! While waiting, we contemplated to have Macs because my gosh how cheap was everything on the menu?! smiley-shocked003Even though I am a frequent traveller to Malaysia but I do not have the opportunity to look at prices over there so I was innocently unaware. We were blown away by how cheap a standard McChicken Meal was!

Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 12.05.26 AM

Msia’s McDonalds Menu

We finally found a suitable dim sum restaurant that was just a few streets down from where we were and we headed off!

It was the Hock Chiang Hin restaurant that was situated along Jalan Siu Nam road, just opposite a petrol kiosk. We were really lucky because it only opens from 6am to 1pm.




There were only a few customers dining at the restaurant and we were famished so we were swift to order our dishes. Jerry got us some siew mai, ha gao, chicken feet, char siew bao and some pork ribs!

The restaurant was really traditional and it was such a unique experience as compared to those dim sum restaurants we normally go to in Singapore. The char siew bao was extremely soft and the meat was extremely generous! We paid the bill and it was only 15.40 RM; 2.20RM for the smaller dishes and 2.40RM for the larger dishes. Approximately SGD $5.50 for a dim sum meal for 2 people! We were definitely on the road to a good start☺

We headed back to City Square mall with our filled happy tummies and we came across some really interesting stalls.


City Square Mall was finally open! We did a little jalan-jalan to explore the mall and honestly it was nothing special. Everything was similar to what Singapore malls had and we were slightly disappointed. So we decided to watch a movie! We were hoping the tickets per pax were as cheap as some reviewers had mentioned online and it was! It was only 13RM per ticket and 8.90RM for a combo of popcorn and a drink. Thats only about SGD $4.50 per ticket!IMG_3835

We were suffering from food coma whilst waiting for time to pass before the movie started and we decided to head off to the good old Starbucks for some coffee. Once again, it was only 16.95RM for a large frappucino so we grasp the opportunity for a cuppa in hope to power our sleepy brains up☺


Cutie pie boy with his mocha frappe☺

Zootopia was REALLY good and it felt even better to know we paid the tickets at such a cheap price! We headed off to another mall just a distance away via cab. The cab fee was about 15RM but it would’ve been much cheaper if we have taken bus!

There were so many phone shops and fashion retail shops but none were to our taste. I was so tempted to have a pedicure done! We went on to shop for some food and of course, Auntie Anne’s because we were craving for some pretzels and we couldn’t resist the low price! It was so good we had it twicesmiley-dance013 First time we had cinnamon sugar and the second time we had sour cream & onion! It was beyond good😌


DSC02818It was barely 5pm and we were beyond exhaustedsmiley-sleep011We decided to have an early dinner at some of the shops just outside the mall! This bak kut teh restaurant had quite a number of customers so we decided to check it out. It turned out really good! Better than any I have tried in Singapore😄


28RM for 2 people

After our meal, we hopped onto a CW 5 bus back to City Square Mall where we had our last walk. We were extremely sleepy so we decided to have dessert before heading back to Singapore at approximately 7pm.

We reached safely back home at about 9.15pm after a long journey home and we were extremely satisfied and happy☺️ Jerry and I are always on a hunt for new adventures and new eateries so were hope to have another mini adventure soon!

On a side note, I am delighted to be writing on this blog again and I hope to continue to pen more adventures, be it adventures alone or with anyone else.

Till next timesmiley-love017


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