Chapter 2012: Page 27/366

This has pretty much settled down now. No more arguments, no more conflicts and no more shouting. There’s peace, there’s love and there’s laughter. The tension has disintegrated into tiny air bubbles which have floated quietly away. This is what I have always wanted. Thank you Lord. Thank you.

I hope this’ll last and I really hope it does. I need this. I want this. Especially with all the assignments and common tests coming up, I need this continuous support and encouragement. Nothing beats more than family support; especially support from parents. Once this support is taken away, I’ll feel lost; absolutely having no control. As headaches and mild illness overwhelms my body, home is where I feel most comfortable.


Alexythymia – difficulty describing feelings to other people.

Horrible day today. Started out horrible. School was horrible. Everything. Horrible. I guess it’s one of those days where you feel dreadful in order to appreciate the good days.

Woken up by a fever at 2am in the morning. Followed by a splitting and hammering headache. Next, nausea and extreme aching joints, back, and muscles which prolonged till this very moment. Sore throat and loss of appetite. Cramps and stiff neck.

I have no idea what has happened to me because I have not done anything that may have over exerted my body. Despite all this, positive thinking is the way forward. Good days lies straight ahead.

Enough said.

However, things all changed when House Party began. I feel so blessed to be a House Leader; motivating others and cheering others up. Not only do we put smiles on faces, but we bring out the best and originality in them. House is practically the only place and the only group of people where I can truly be myself; the crazy part of me. The part of me where I am absolutely carefree and not give a damn about what others think or judge. It’s where I feel I belong. Others laugh and I laugh with them. They smile and I smile with them. We all share similar craziness and other emotions.

Having House today truly made my aches and headaches go away. I didn’t have a second of thought that my day actually started out dreadful. All I knew was that today was going to end on a good note – because of House. I feel so proud of the Secondary 4 Bronte House in nurturing and grooming the Secondary 3 Bronte House leaders. I remember when they first joined they were a really shy bunch. I’m glad we didn’t treat them as what we call ‘juniors’ and shun them away, thinking they’re lame and un-cool. As time went past, their true personalities really shone out and each and everyone of them had that essence of a “House Leader” – being crazy and absolutely funny. I feel so attached to my Bronte House and I am proud to say that we have done the best we can in passing on our leadership skills to the Sec 3’s. They really are the future champions for this year as well as grooming the lower secondary Bronte House Leaders to be Champion for the following years.

As House Party with the fresh Secondary 1’s came to a close, a few of the Sec 1’s approached me and told me they would like to be a part of House. My heart was instantly filled with joy and happiness. It was so satisfying and fulfilling to have intrigued the little ones unexpectedly into the one and only passion that I have from a few games and bonding. No doubt they were shy to speak up during the start of the session of Ice Breakers but subsequently after being humourous and relaxed around them, they loosened up and laughed at my unintentional silly actions. It also feels so good that they actually are interested on their own behalf and not because someone has forced them into it. I extremely enjoy making other people smile because in return, it makes me smile too. It fills and warms the weak heart of mine and honestly, this is what keeps me going everyday.

One other highlight I’d like to mention is our House Cheer. I’m so glad to have been a part of producing the cheer along with a few other crazy House Mates. It was not intentional; instead it was something really random we made up on the spot to kill boredom while doing some DIY House materials. Slowly we made it into our House Cheer and we are using it on every House event. I hope this  momentous Cheer will be used for as long as House exists as a legacy to the 2012 graduates of House Leaders in Crescent. I don’t care if few years down the road the House Leaders forget or have no clue who the producers of the House Cheer are if I so happen to pop into Crescent one day to visit House, I just want the House Cheer to be used; the legacy we have left in Crescent House. I think this batch or House Leaders has really made a change, there seem to be a better bond within the juniors and seniors. There is no “senior-junior” barrier in between and both Upper Secondary and Lower Secondary can get on fairly well without giving the evil glares and stares.

I’m really going to miss House when I step down and leave Crescent. House has really impacted me a lot and I hope that the building up of a bunch of wonderful people will prolong and continue for years and decades. I’d really like to visit Crescent in 10 years time to see how much change or traditional House has remained. It’d be quite an interesting visit I would think, knowing that I myself was a part of that family.

I really treasure House a lot and I hope the little ones will grow to love House too. There is so much yet to learn and to love. It is just a matter of time.




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