State of mind on the journey to Malaysia, 21st January, 2012:

“Confusion. Turmoil after turmoil. Peaceful my heart rests, but there’s  this persisting discomfort lodged within.

Typing this in the midst of darkness whilst on the journey to my relative’s. Frustration, vexed, angst; unspoken truths that can never be told. My lips seals shut as I carry these hidden agendas with me.

This has to be negligible. Cold and numb these emotions lie. The only one who truly knows is He who watches from the heavens above. Unwanted mistakes are not to be repeated. Neither are they to be
neglected and unlearned.

Black but yet soft my heart lies. Oh the irony. Looking up to the stars and clouds above in distress, declaring for Almighty God.

Indeed, when one door opens another closes. How I beg to differ, but life and it’s perplexed ways made it so. No turning back now, its either one or the other. The path chosen has been laid; shining its lucent light. It’s got to be this path, it has to be. When this path ends, another path will lighten. It is just a matter of time.

Patience. Patience is all that is left as an option.”


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