Chapter 2012: 21/366

I’m happy. I am really happy.  I have never felt so happy in the past 3 weeks. I can finally say that I have what I wanted in a family: happiness, peace and joy. We had dinner as a family and whilst having dinner, Mum made a silly joke. She laughed and I laughed with her; not just because her joke was funny, but because I was happy. It was a happy laughter; a laughter that made me feel reassured that I have a family.  A real one. One that is cohesive and loving. One that gave me that warm feeling inside my heart.

In a few hours time, we will be off to Malaysia to visit our relatives. I must say, I have a good feeling that this’ll be a great family trip. I’m so relieved to have patched things up before this trip. I guess I had to face my fears one way or the other. Mum baked Chinese New Year goodies like yam cake, carrot cake and nian gao(?) With every bite I take, I treasure them deeply and devour them with a whole heart of content. These are the moments I savour and remember. They are the small things Mum does that I will remember for life. I am thankful; extremely thankful.

Lord, I could not have done all of this without You. Thank you Lord.

So yay! I won’t be updating WordPress until the night I come back which is Tuesday but till then, Happy Chinese New Year!


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