Chapter 2012: Page 20/366

 Looking Forward

Looking Forward

Today is one of those days where I eat and eat and not give a damn on how fat I know I’ll get. I’m not sure if it’s my unbalanced hormones or just a sudden phase I’m going through. Nevertheless, I love my food. Metaphorically, I seem to have this hunger for food. Not because I’m hungry, but just because I love…food? It does not matter whether I’m starving, but I eat for the sake. I sound like a fat pig. This is probably due to the stress and the work I’ve got to cope with. I hope this phase will end soon. If not, I’ll turn extremely obese and unhealthy.

Quantum of Solace

It’s approximately 24 hours till I’ll be off to Malaysia. I can’t wait for the 6 hours long journey ride of solace in the car at midnight. It’ll be such a relaxing and peaceful journey where I’ll be plugged into sleep with no worries in mind. I’m looking forward to meeting my cousins whom I have not seen for a long time. I hope this short trip would be an enjoyable journey and an opportunity to patch things up fully with my family. May the Lord watch over and guide me.


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