Chapter 2012: Page 16/366

Psalm 107:19

Psalm 107:19


I absolutely love this Bible Verse. It reassures me time and time again that my problems are small and that God is bigger than those disputes. Keeping my mind in the midst of my storms is the only way forward. These are lessons to be learnt and to be reflected in my future. I thank you, Lord. You are my saviour.

One thing I want to highlight today in this recount is how blessed I am to have such great people in my life. I really want to thank the people that constantly make my day unknowingly and how special they make me feel. They honestly keep me going throughout the days and weeks and I cannot thank them enough on how supportive they have been.

Dear Jeremy, I want to use this opportunity in thanking you sincerely for all that you have done for me. It may not seem like a lot to you but in my opinion, I am still very grateful. You are ever so kind and you never fail to make me feel better. Sometimes you’re really hilarious and I can’t help laughing hysterically. We may not talk very often but the times we do, I treasure them deeply. You are a very wise person and I encourage you not to look down upon yourself. No matter what, you will always be a blessing to me and never let your self-confidence ruin you. Always remember that no matter how useless you feel, you are always somebody’s reason to smile. You’re a great friend and with every obstacle you encounter, you are never alone. If you want, you can always come to me and you need not have to hold this burden yourself. Thank you so much for everything. You are such a blessing to me.” Have a giraffe in show of my gratitude:

Lookie! It's a giraffe.

Lookie! It's a giraffe!:)


I shall end this post real soon due to my weary eyes that are unable to take the piercing light anymore. No dinner again for me tonight because she didn’t cook my share. Okay fair enough. I shall do a little work on my bed which I will fall asleep afterwards because I am just really extremely physically exhausted. Today was a good day and I am glad I made it through. Looking forward to studying again at 3am in the morning. Pardon my really bad English and grammar I am just so dead tired. Peace out.



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