Image Obsession

Accept Who You Are

Accept Who You Are.

To a large extent, I agree that people nowadays are obsessed with their image. The majority of these image obsessors mainly consist of youths. The common woes of our youths today would revolve around their choice of clothing, appearances and accessories. Many often spend hours splurging their savings on the latest fashion items and would go to extreme ends just so to reach their ideal image. Statistics show that the percentage of youths being more and more self-conscious of their image is rising.

There is no doubt that the media is the main cause of such influences. This is due to the vast and rapid global distribution that the media reaches. With all these technology readily available, it cannot be denied that whatever people see and hear will have an effect on them. Being exposed to the media is inevitable; we cannot avoid it.

Youths; teenagers and young adults, represent the majority of the population. They represent a huge significant percentage of people that are self-conscious about their image. Magazines, television advertisements, and other forms of media bombards these youths with pictures of flawless models with ideal bodies and looks. This causes a decline of self-confidence within one’s self and hence, going to extreme ends to pursuit these desires.

Examples of these extreme ends are going on diets to starving themselves for months with consuming less than 5oo calories per day. Studies show that 79% of teenage girls who vomit and 73% of teenage girls who use diet pills are frequent readers of women’s health and fitness magazines.

In addition, due to this excessive advertising and revealing of these influential icons, many are getting overly obsessed with their body. Countless numbers of these youths would adhere to obsessive body weight training or work outs in order to achieve their desired bodies. The media also creates a perception towards these naïve youths that they would be accepted in the society if they were to be more physically appealing.

Another factor that contributes to the rise of image obsession is the advertising of beauty products and health wonders that technology has invented. These advertisements lure and interest customers to try their product which allows them to smitten by the effects achieved. This produces a negative effect and causes greed among these purchasers to be unsatisfied and wanting for more. Subconsciously, this causes the unsatisfied to be obsessed with their looks which contribute to the factor of increasing image obsessors.

However, some may argue and claim that image obsessing is necessary and vital to achieve greater heights. Statistics show that in America, the majority of the citizens who are unemployed are mainly obese or in cruel terms, fat. This is theoretically true as physical appearance is the first aspect that everyone judges. If you are not within the range of acceptance in terms of physical appearance, many will shun you away and second glances will not be an occurrence.

People obsessed with their image are mainly influenced through the media. Perhaps being a little concerned about your own appearances can be healthy and can be a form of self grooming. However, if limitations are not adequately controlled, being excessively obsessed could cause potential health risks and create undesired consequences.



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