Chapter 2012: Page 10/366

Aching shoulders and teary drooping eyelids, I shall not succumb to the temptation of going to sleep. His guidance, protection and strength will allow me to overcome this obstacle – the obstacle of dozing off to La La Land.

Today was somewhat horrendous. I really kept falling asleep in every opportunity I could; in assembly, in lessons, and well, at home whilst doing work at my study table. When I got home, I barely got changed and got my things out from my bag when suddenly this mystical magnetic force was attracting my head towards the table. Of course, I gave in and I knocked out straight away for at least half an hour. I woke up feeling really rather drowsy and lazy. I did not want to start work at all. My goodness this was hard to overcome. I finally managed to drag my lazy buttocks out from my seat and took a really hot shower.

Came out feeling somewhat refreshed but ASDFGHJKL I still did not want to start work. I then suddenly remembered my previous post: To live this year with no regrets. Yes, with no regrets. Wasting no time, I got my things out and forced myself to study for my upcoming tests.

AMaths on Thursday, Geography and EMaths on Friday. I’m feeling nervous. It’s not that I won’t be able to do it, it’s just that I know I have high expectations of getting A1’s for both Mathematics and I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet those expectations. Geography is rather difficult for me to get a distinction, however I shall strive to do my best in this test. In fact, all the tests and exams for this year.

I’m planning to sleep early today so that I can catch up on my sleep. Sleeping when you’re tired despite having a ridiculously big pile of work to complete is not the way forward. Although it may seem really rather tempting, I am going to try to avoid doing this. Well of course, there are some exceptions.

Before I end this recount, I’d like to mention one event that has happened today. The highlight of 10th January 2012 is about the journey on the way home. I was waiting for the lift to enter my house and as the door lift opened, out came my 2 and a half year old neighbour in the arms of his aunty. He squealed and on his face was a big grin which he turned away shyly upon seeing me. I was happy to see him and I know he was happy to see me too. His adorable face really lightened up my day. I couldn’t help but smile back and say hello. When I entered the lift and as the door lift closed, I saw a glimpse of his puppy eyes while hearing him say “Bye bye JieJie”. He really lightened up my day and I absolutely adore little children. He has a bright future, and I’d really like to see him grow up. It goes the same to my little brother too; I’d like to see him grow up to a really mature young man whilst his eldest sister has aged to become an old lady.

These little kids are the key to the future; they are the generation that will bring potential prosperity towards this world. It’s amazing what fortune the future can hold. We just need to dedicate our mind and soul towards it.



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