Chapter 2012: Page 9/366

Just let it be.

Just let it be.

Have faith in the teachers. Have faith in myself. Most importantly, have faith in the Lord, for He knows the plans that are held in store for me.

Ninth of January, Two Thousand Eleven. Today is the day the former Secondary 4’s as well as the present Secondary 4’s receive their O’s results. The atmosphere in the auditorium was absolutely intense; I felt like I was about to breakdown from the overwhelming emotions surrounding me.

As our school’s new Principal flashed the slides revealing the top scorers of O Level’s in our school, goosebumps started to crawl on my skin. It was pressure. I really felt the pressure loaded onto me like a ton of bricks. 6 A1’s, 7A1’s, 8A1’s, 9A1’s and oh my goodness to my biggest surprise, 10A1’s. I reflect back on my 2011 EOY’s aggregate score and I start to laugh.  Never in the world will I be able to get A1’s, let alone straight A’s.

I’d like to think it is possible though, for a superbly blur person like me. In a year’s time, I really want to feel the most extraordinary sense of satisfaction I could ever get in my whole life; the taste of success. I want to have that feeling when I receive that sheet of paper, the sheet of paper where my future beholds.

It is going to be a tough journey, 2012. However, I will strive to do my best and reap the seeds I sow. I want to prove everyone who have thought lowly of me wrong. I can do it, and with the guidance of the Lord I will make it through. No matter how tough and impossible this obstacle may seem now, in 2013 I know I will look back and say to myself,” Hey, it wasn’t so bad after all.”

One feeling I totally would not want to experience when I receive my results is the feeling of regret. The feeling where I knew I could have studied harder and the feeling that I could have done better. I have experienced this feeling a thousand and one times and no way am I going to put my future at stake just because of one silly mistake. No, not this time. I’ll make full use of this 2012 and work towards my goal. It may seem unrealistic now, but I’m going to make it real. I’m going to make it happen.

Hallelujah. I feel good, despite feeling extremely insanely exhausted. I shall study my buttocks off now and own that ass of O Levels.


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