Chapter 2012: Page 8/366

Christ, is bigger than our problems.

Christ, is bigger than our problems.

Do not be afraid.

Do not be afraid.

Somehow I woke up feeling a little scared and nervous. Perhaps I was feeling the pressure of Secondary4 and also because of my full schedule today.

I feared that I would not be able to survive my 3 exhausting tuitions that were held back to back today. Nevertheless, I have made it through. I must admit, I am proud of myself.

“God, I rest in You. I know You have me in the palm of Your hand.”

I could not have done it without the Lord’s strength. Without Him, getting through today would not have been possible. Tomorrow will be a start of another week of Secondary 4 and I must say, it’s going to be so tiring. Tomorrow is also Monday, the 9th of January. This means the the former Secondary 4’s are getting their O Level results back. Somehow I feel extremely nervous for them. God bless them.

Situations at home hasn’t exactly improved. It has been the same, to be precise. Earlier today on the way to English tuition with my sister, we were discussing on how if our parents were to lay back a little, we would be more independent and mature. I feel that the way they treat us like little kids does not prepare us for our independence for the future. Yes, I agree I am pretty independent; like for survival and parental purposes, but not for career purposes. I feel they interfere too much. Yes, it’s all good intentions but not to the extent that it feels like a blooming chore.

I’ll do what you want me to do if you tell me, not nag me. There’s a difference. And there’s a difference between reminders and nagging. Alot of difference in fact. 

The tension within this house has loosened a little and I’m feeling a little nervous, and perhaps a little confused. I don’t know what next week will bring but no matter what, it’s all God’s plans.

 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:5-6


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