Chapter 2012: Page 7/366

Today started early and I was looking forward to my supposedly 2.5 hours but yet extended to 3 hours of Biology tuition. It was intense. My brain was consecutively drilled with new information and facts and honestly, I felt my head was about to explode. It was all good intentions though, and somehow it felt good.

Arrived home and I was determined to finish off my list of things to do for the weekend. I had one item crossed out on my to-do list and I was urging to complete another task. Off I went to study Human Geography with my sister after lunch which very soon after, we took a nap due to the overwhelming of exhaustion.

Holy. We were dead beat. We have only gone through slightly less than a week of Secondary 4 and it feels like we have been studying consecutively for weeks. I was re-revising on the chapter of Food whilst lying on my bed and I knocked out several minutes after. Despite still feeling insanely lethargic after my 1 and a half hours of nap, my maths tutor came shortly after I woke up and another session of drilling was yet to be conducted.

This year is going to be insane. Weekends are going to be uber busy and there is absolutely no time to waste. I have 5 tuition sessions on the weekend where 2 tuitions and 3 tuitions are on Saturdays and Sundays respectively. Mad, isn’t. On the good side, it keeps me occupied and most of the time I’ll be out of the house. So that keeps me away from the madness of this place which is what keeps me going everyday.

Nevertheless, I shall stick to my resolutions and keep going forward for there’s no time to waste. Drilling after drilling after drilling. Honestly, I think it is pretty fun and in some ways, it makes me feel good about myself. Not because it makes me feel smarter, but it is the satisfaction; the satisfaction of understanding a new topic or chapter.

Time check – Approximately less than 10 minutes to 9.30pm

Off to resume my revision for Chemistry which I will shower soon after I feel like I need a break. Tomorrow will be a very busy with 3 tuitions back to back. May the Lord be with me and give me strength.


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