2011 is about to come to a close and honestly I must say, it has been a long journey. A flabbergasting one indeed. Flabbergasting, I’d say, was due to the high and extreme low points that I have encountered throughout this 2011 journey, especially the horrible start of 2011. It made me lose faith of having a good year and with minimal effort, it continued throughout. The low points were so extreme that at that point in time, suicide, was my only option I had. Of course, my mind did not corrupt well enough to do such dreadful acts and so here I am, lying on this comfortable bed of mine, penning down all my thoughts. As the saying goes ‘What doesn’t kill you make you stronger’, is how I have lived up till this very day.

Many make ups and break ups I have experienced this year, have made me who I am today. I am proud of what I have achieved, and I believe it will carry forth till next year, and perhaps the very next too. The break ups have made me move on with life, find new people, and appreciate what I had and was going to have. Yes, it was tough, but nevertheless, I’ve made it through.
2012, is due to come in a day’s time and I’m glad to say that I’m looking forward to it. In some ways, yes I’m dreading it. However, a new year means a fresh start. Something I’ve been needing to have for several months. Here are some of my new year’s resolutions;

1. Grow closer to God
2. Be a filial daughter
3. Do my best in everything
4. Live this year with no regrets
5. Focus, concentrate and be determined
6. And of course, quitting ice-cream as well as continue quitting sodas and bubble tea:(

Next year isn’t going to be easy. Infact, it is going to be tough. Pressure and stress will get the better of me and at one point; I am bound to give way and collapse. One thing I know for sure is that, God will always be with me. He will and always has been. He has been my savior through the tough times, as well as the good times. I thank Him, for all He has done for me.
1 year of sheer hard work and soon, it’ll be over. I already have my plans all planned out after my O’s, and they are going to be what I’ll be looking forward towards the end of 2012. Next year is going to fly pass like the wind, and there wouldn’t be any time to look back. I put my faith in the Lord and hoping He’ll guide me towards the right path and deliver me from any temptations.
Lord, I know You’ll be there to guide me next year during my O’s, and with that, I have no fear. You will be there with me.

God with us. Immanuel.


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