Revitalise and Rejuvenate

Stay Strong

“But looking back on these dreams if nothing is what it seems, know that you’ll wake up to better things.”

This is the song I can listen to, over and over again;  raping the replay button. It relates so much to me, especially this line:

“I’m sorry I broke you, but there was nothing that you could do. Oh I never thought it would end this way but now there’s nothing that we could say but goodbye, goodbye. All we have left is goodbye. Goodbye…”

But yet again, what’s the point of lingering onto the past? No, not lingering onto the past. I’m just, nostalgia-ing; thinking and reminiscing on the past.

Today I was in the pool; just rejuvenating and catching my breath from training. I laid still, so still. All I could hear was the waves lapping over each other from the light breeze and all I could see was the glaring of light from the sun rays, penetrating through my eye lids. It was so peaceful.

There. I’ve found it. I’ve found the place where I can go to escape.

I laid there for a good 15 minutes, don’t giving a damn whether I bake in the sun or not. I was happy, legit happy. I smiled to the peacefulness and calmness of the environment. It felt good to just be able to float on the water and just concentrate on my breathing while feeling the sun rays burning on my skin lightly. Definitely something I’d do everyday, perhaps tomorrow.

Today’s the start of my hardcore training and hardcore studying mode. I plan to finish revising my 2011 syllabus and my homework so that I’d be able to get a headstart on 2012’s syllabus. I’m nervous, and my hands always start to tremble everytime the thought of O’s passes through my mind.

I need to do well next year. I need this. I need the 11.11 11.11.11 today. 

11.11. Some people say it’s dumb. Some people believe in it. Whereas for me? I catch it once in a while, but yet again, it’s just a belief probably passed down from generations before. It may be true, it may be not. Deep down, when these 11.11 wishes come true, you know who’s answering them and doing all the work. It’s the magnificent person from the heavens above. It’s God.

Sometimes I tell myself I don’t need 11.11 when I have God. Perhaps it’s true. I should just put my faith into Him and trust all of his doings for He knows what’s best for me.

“Lord, I pray that you’ll continue to guide me in the correct path and deliver me from evil. Give me strength and continue to be there for me whenever I need somebody. Thank you all that you have done for me. Amen.”


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