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Use your whole body as a tool to do what is right for the glory of God.”

Today has been the most memorable and the most valued lesson learnt in my life. We went to the elderly’s flats for a clean up and honestly, although it was mainly for CIP hours, I went there with a different attitude. A different attitude than just serving them and getting it over and done with.

As I entered the flat, I was overwhelmed by the confined space and state he was living in. A flood of thoughts filled my mind. Having OCD, I honestly was shocked by how someone could live in such a place with such mess and dullness. However, I was not there to judge them, instead, I was there to “fulfil God’s purposes, and bring glory to him”.

I started by sweeping the floor, as well as tidying up the tables whilst others cleaned the toilet and washed the dishes. It brings me great joy and happiness that we were there as one; co-operating and working together in helping out the lovely gentlemen clean his home. I sensed a feeling of happiness as well as an aura of slight confusion from him whilst we were doing our job, I guessed he felt a little self-conscious about his home. However like I said, we were there to help and serve; not to judge.

“Living for God’s glory is the greatest achievement we can accomplish with our lives.”

I continued having that thought in my mind while I was talking to him. Despite the language barrier I had, I tried my best to converse and give company for I know he was longing for someone to talk to. “I realise there’s a lot of things in life that we don’t really need.” Like for example, he lives on $1 a day, whereas we live on approximately $100 or perhaps more. All the money we have is taken for granted; we use it to splurge on unnecessary items like clothes, accessories, extra food and so much more. We waste electricity and water too, those require money as well.

“Realized that while most of the old folks may need a cleaner flat or a bug-free mattress, what they really wanted was company.”

After we’ve done our best in cleaning and tidying up the flat, we did a prayer; a prayer in Chinese. It was hard for Marcus; infact, hard for anyone to say a prayer in Chinese, but we brought a tear to the gentlemen’s eyes. It blew me away that such a simple but whole-hearted prayer could touch his heart. It truly was a new feeling that I have ever embraced before.

Our job was done and no regrets were made, it truly was a new experience and journey that I’ll love to experience again. Lunch came and honestly, I was really thankful and grateful for just having a small packet of rice as our meal. Although I do hate eating rice, yes I know although I am pure Chinese, I still treated it as a generous reward from the heavens above for our work we have done previously.

Serving the World has taught me so much, made me treasure my home as well as gave me a new perspective in the way i look at life. I am very thankful and privileged to be born in such a nice house with such wonderful parents. I will never dread going home again, neither will I take either of my parents nagging as a waste of  energy and saliva. Instead, take them as a new lesson to be learnt each time for I am lucky to still have them alive.

I still have so much to say about this day on what I’ve learnt, experienced and felt, but if all were to be written down, it’ll take several days and pages to complete. So, I’ll end this post today with this quote I came across on the train:

“God’s heart is not touched by tradition in worship, but by passion and commitment.”

I am very proud to say,  that I have served the Lord well and brought glory to him. I want to thank all that have helped in cleaning up the flat, especially Amanda; who is new to YHope. I must say, I am very proud of her for taking the initiative in cleaning the dishes and making the first move. I feel so accomplished and glad that I brought her to take part in Serve the World today.

From today onwards, I’ll take everything I use, consume, sleep etc as a form of luxury; whether it’s the brand of shampoo or shower gel used, to the random conversations I have with anyone every minute of every day. I encourage anyone to take a day off to serve these innocent elderlies who have been neglected by their children or grandchildren. I have to admit, I am very lucky to have experienced this early as well as first hand, so that I can use this learning journey from this day onwards and for my future.

Life isn’t about existing, but it is about living; living for God’s purposes as well as living to develop a relationship with God. It gives us a purpose. The purpose that drives our lives.


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