Goodbye, 2017

As Sidewalks and Autumn comes to an end,

a new chapter begins once again.

For every leaf that falls in autumn,

take heart;

for it will never be forgotten.

People come and go,

and seasons change

Goodbye Sidewalks and Autumn,

perhaps one day,

I’ll see you again.


You return like autumn, and I fall every time

Gotten used to your old flame,

but somehow with every return

I still get burnt



Love doesn’t save you 

It doesn’t save you from all the broken hearts and the heart aches

Instead it brings out all your demons 

and it makes you wonder how you were so foolish to even think for a second that he might have been the one 


I think when you love someone this hard, it never really goes away. It’s not that I don’t love you. It’s that I do. 



You fall in love with the person that makes you love the person you are when you’re with them


Flower pots

I love every part of you;

even the parts of you that you deem imperfect and hollow,

for I will continue to water the flowers that I have planted there 

for them to ever grow 


The worst is knowing you have no one but yourself to fight off your own demons when you’re alone in bed with your thoughts 


A part of me will always need to be held back from pricking myself on the thorns of the roses I grew 


We’ve all had runaway; 

not to escape

but to see who would chase